New Orleans June 2002
After high school, I joined Grace Temple Baptist Church in Denton and was asked to go on their mission trip to New Orleans in June of 2002. That was just a blast! During the day we worked at Carver Baptist Center in the projects of the 8th ward with some very special little kids. We did music, crafts, Bible stories, and recreation. It was really touching to hear the kids pray at the end of the week. Then, in the evenings, we would head to Jackson Square and just talk with people. The most amazing thing for me was to watch and see the kids grow and discover what it felt like to witness to people, to work with the homeless and the drug addicted, and what a real party town is like. (Fry Street is nothing compared to that.) My favorite memory is Addison asking me and Norman, with huge teary eyes, if we could stop and share with the Tarro Card readers the gospel. Each day, Addison felt God telling him to go and share, and he did. God moved in the kids that weeks, and so He moved in me.
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