Peru March 2006
I'm still working on this trip's final report. (I need to do final interviews of each team member.) But, here are the vital statistics.

Peru Trip Journal
March 9-20, 2006
by Laura L. Watson with contributions and direct testimony from each team member
WBC Team Members    Peruvian Team Members The Nenita Crew
Jeff Guliserien Richard Manihuari Captain: Juanito
Shauna Morris Claudia Manihuari First Mate: Rafael
Ashton Morris Pedro Soria Cook: Miriam
Shelton Fields
Rebekah Hunt
Angela Krenzien
Bethany Lawson
Laura Watson

Trip Overview
Jeff Guliserian left out Tuesday March 14 to fly to Lima and then Iquitos to prepare for the rest of
the team in advance. The rest of the team met at Wedgwood and were driven to the airport by Jeff Lasiter.
We left Thursday evening from DFW and flew to Miami. From Miami, we flew into Lima. We arrived in
Lima on Friday morning. We spent the mid-morning at the missionary guest house in Lima until our
flight that afternoon to Iquitos. We arrived in Iquitos in the early evening where we met up with Jeff. We
spent the evening enjoying Iquitos and getting to know our new Peruvian team mates.
In the morning, we set sail on the Nenita down the Amazon. We traveled all day (Saturday) to
Pebas. On Sunday morning, we quickly toured Pebas and then left Laura, Pedro, and Rebekah at the Casa
de Loma in Pebas as the rest of the team set sail downriver to reach more villages. They stayed behind to
focus on discipleship of churches previously established and new believers from previous trips. Pedro,
Rebekah, and Laura's focus was on the church in Santa Lucia, the believers in Piri who needed to
organize, and taking the members of Santa Lucia to Mangual to evangelize them and make the beginnings
of a church there. Each day (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) they visited each village and had (or
attempted) to have Bible studies, present the gospel, and build up local believers. In Mangaul, the pastor
of Santa Lucia, Pedro, and Laura each made gospel presentations. In all, they had two in Santa Lucia,
Pedro's cousin at the Pebas Port, the next door neighbor of Casa de Loma and the mother of some of the
kids who became "groupies", and one woman at Mangual come to Christ.
During this time, the rest of the team had continued down river. On Sunday they arrived in San
Francisco where they were joined by Raul and his daughter Nuellia. They set sail on Monday for Condor,
a village with about 20 believers. The team distributed discipleship materials and encouraged the new
leadership that has come forward. Next, they left the Amazon and entered the Cochoquinas River. On the
Cochoquinas, they first went to Santo Toribio de Mangrovejo , a village with about 15 believers. The
team distributed discipleship materials here and encouraged the newly appointed leadership. Next, they
went to a new logging village that has yet to be named. It was soon nicknamed Mesato Island because
they found a dozen very drunk men with their women and children cowering in the corner. The presence
of evil was very strong, and Jeff, Richar, and Raul soon left when it was evident no one was capable of
listening. This is a village that still needs to be evangelized. On Tuesday, they were back on the Amazon
River visiting Santa Isabel, referred to as Tarantula City by the team. This village has about 30 believers
who were given new discipleship materials and the team encouraged the emerging leadership there. They
went to Remanso next, a village with about 40 believers. They discovered that natural church leadership
has emerged and gave the believers more discipleship materials and instructions to start meeting together
On Wednesday morning, the team reunited in Pebas and together traveled to Santa Lucia to
celebrate the Lord's Supper and finish the studies Rebekah, Pedro, and Laura had begun. Santa Lucia has
about 30 believers who received more discipleship materials, evangelism tools, and instructions on
baptisms and the Lord's Supper. They were also encouraged to start a women's Bible study. They have
taken on Mangual and Piri as a ministry project. The church at Santa Lucia also became Wedgwood
R.E.A.P.'s ministry first official recognized church plant by the International Missions Board as they
fulfilled the last requirement when they established the Lord's Supper. The team set sail once again on the
Amazon and traveled all day to Isana.
Thursday morning, we made the two hour jungle hike into Pampahermosa, a village of about 30
who are all believers. We gave them more discipleship materials and encouraged them to start meeting
together regularly, as well as encouragement to read the Bible, pray, and spread the gospel to those they
came in contact with. The team left Thursday afternoon and headed towards the Napo River.
On Friday morning, we docked in Mangua, a village with a church until their pastor abandoned
them. We gave them some Bibles. They desperately need discipleship materials and church leadership. It
looks to be a good ministry focus in the future for the villages along the Napo. From Mangua, we went
into the jungle via Peki-Peki (a small motor boat) to the village of Central America. This village has about
15 believers, including the village leader. They received (on a previous trip) discipleship materials, but
were not considered ready to receive more materials. They do not yet regularly meet, but were
encouraged to do so. They need support and leadership.
The team made it back to the Nenita and set sail for the Amazon in the direction of Iquitos. We
arrived in Iquitos on Saturday morning. We enjoyed the afternoon and evening as tourists and spent the
night at the same hotel as before. Early Saturday morning, we flew out of Iquitos to Lima. We spent the
entire day again as tourists, which included touring the Incan Ruins in Lima, playing in the Pacific Ocean,
and shopping, before boarding our 12:30am flight from Lima to Miami. Quickly after landing in Miami
and getting through customs and immigration, the team boarded the plane to Dallas. We arrived slightly
late Monday morning at DFW. Mike Holton drove us back to the church where we unloaded, traded
around souvenirs and various items we had carried on the planes for each other, and hugged goodbye.
Overall, the trip was a success. The sole goal was to glorify God, and that was accomplished. A
Dios sea la gloria!

Village Statistics
Condor- Population is about 60 with about 20 believers. They are starting to meet in groups and have the
second generation discipleship materials. They have experienced moderate growth. The leadership that
just stepped up needs support. They are located ten minutes from San Francisco on the Amazon River.
Santo Toribio- The population is about 40 with 15 believers. This is REAP's third visit and the church is
growing moderately. They have newly appointed leadership and the second generation discipleship
materials. They are 45 minutes on the Cochoquinas River.
"Mesato Island"- The population is about 10 families. There is no church here, it is yet to be
evangelized. Initial contact has been made and REAP is preparing for the next visit. It is an hour and a
half on the Cochaquinas River.
Santa Isabel- The population is between 150-200 people with about 30 believers. They have the second
generation discipleship materials and naturally emerging church leadership upon REAP's third visit to the
village. They are on the Amazon River, about 45 minutes from San Francisco.
Remanso- The population is about 250 people with 40 believers. Natural church leadership has emerged
by REAP's third visit. The believers are not yet meeting together regularly, but have been instructed to do
so. They have received the second generation discipleship materials. They are on the Amazon River, 30
minutes from San Francisco.
Santa Lucia- The population is about 150 people with about 30 believers. They are a fully defined church
with recognized leadership, practices baptism, and do the Lord's Supper. They have a church building as
well where they meet regularly on Sundays and Wednesdays. They are taking on Mangual as an
evangelistic project and will help and support believers in Piri. They are on the Amazon River, 10
minutes from Pebas.
Piri- The population is about 150 people with about 20 adult believers. They have no defined leadership
due to the inability to gather the believers in one place at one time. This has been a very difficult village
to reach this trip. Santa Lucia has accepted the responsibility of supporting the believers in Piri. They are
a 10 minute walk from Pebas.
Mangaul- The population is about 70 people with 7 believers. There are no definable church structures
and the believers do not meet regularly. A few go to Pebas for church. After three visits by REAP, there is
no defined leadership. Santa Lucia's church has taken Mangual on as an evangelistic project. It is within
walking distance from Pebas.
Pampahermosa- There are five families, totaling about 30 people. All adults are Christians. They have
the first generation discipleship materials, but no church leadership or regularly meetings. They do not
have a church building. They are a one hour walk in from Oran on the Amazon River.
Mangua-The population is 300 people with an unknown number of believers. There is a church building
and some believers from neighboring communities occasionally meet together at Mangua. The Pastor left
two years ago to attend Seminary and the church is in desperate need of leadership. They are open to help
from outside missionaries. This would be a good location for a ministry base on the Napo River.
Central America- There are about 10 families with 70 people in all, 15 of whom are believers. They
have received the first generation of discipleship materials, but do not yet meet regularly. They are in
need of support and leadership in order to grow. They are located on a tributary of the Napo, 10 minutes
by water or 20 minutes by foot from Mangua.

The Funny Things We Said
Ashton- If I fall in (the Amazon River), find a Mexican to save me.
Ashton- Everybody here looks the same.
Laura- I thought Claudia asked me (in Spanish) if I was tired. I answered I had slept on the plane, the
the taxi, the hotel, and on the boat. Turns out she asked me if I was married.
Sheldon- It's not the bad kind of nausea. It's how I feel the Holy Spirit. Like I'm going to vomit.
Jeff- Will they poop sideways on my blanket? (referring to the team birds Gringo and Gringa)
Laura- Yes I commanded the bugs in the name of Jesus to leave the table and go outside where they are
suppose to live. I did it in Spanish because they are Peruvian bugs and I wanted to make sure they
Angela- Have you ever burnt your part?
Shauna- Is that a snake? Oh, it's an analog. (Anaconda + log = analog)
Jeff- (After Ashton lost a baby tooth) Don't leave that lying around or someone will make jewelry out of
it and try to sell it to you.
Angela- They were holding hands- with their faces!
Rebekah- Are you going to eat that? (heard at every meal everyday)
Laura- I use words to form my sentences.
Drunk Man- Let's go... sell a canoe!
Claudia- (Practicing her English while on the hike) I bid you come.
Sheldon- I'm beginning to love the smell of DEET (bug spray).
Laura- (on the jungle hike) You know, as Christians, we should not laugh so hard when others fall down
on their walk.
Bethany- Bowling for Gringos!
Angela- We've talked about Shauna enough, can we talk about me?
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