Where I'm going...
God has big plans for my life. I aim to make my life count, in this world and in the one to come, by knowing Christ and making Him known, all for the glory of God.

Currently, I am re-launching my Christian theatre company, Disciples Running   Around Madly Acting. I plan to stay with D+R+A+M+A until their debut on Broadway (a.k.a Mission Broadway) and take short term trips as work and finances permit. I also hope to purchase a home that I can call The Rose Lea Missionary House- a place for missionaries to stay while on furlough to the States and for anyone else in need of a place to call home away from home.  I am also working on my life long dream of working as a professional actor, writer, dancer, model, director, choreographer, and... you get the idea. I am also an author. I have written True Love Waits: It's not a High School Thing, Christian Theatre Sucks: Why it Does, Why it Shouldn't, and How to Fix it; the Sammy the Saving Seal children's book series; and a book of poetry entitled Rose Soul. I am in need of a publisher.

When God says it is time, I will travel to Israel and make a tour of the Holy Land. I think I should start where Jesus started. I want to see where He was crucified, and I want to see the empty grave for myself. Then, I will strap on a backpack and start walking. God will dircect my steps. I just want to live and work among the people, building relationships that will eventually lead to conversations about Jesus. I plan to backpack through the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and finally home to North America. This will take many years and will be the bulk of my missionary work. It's all about going to the places other people can't or won't go so I can tell everyone about Jesus, and help them as much as possible along the way. For the glory of God.

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I have a dream...

So, I made a list of things I would like to do, have, or accomplish before I die. I have laminated this list and I keep it with me to help me stay focused when it comes to my spending, my diet (can't succeed if the body is falling apart), and when that alarm goes off and "I just don't wanna."

My list:

- world traveling missionary (taking) several short term trips each year. The more remote, the better.

- author: Sammy the Saving Seal children's book series; True Love Waits: It's NOT a High School Thing; Christian Theatre Sucks: Why it Does, Why it Shouldn't, and How to Fix it; Rose Soul, A book of Poetry

- songwriter: He Holds, Seeing Jesus thru the Children's Eyes. I talk more about singing and musicianship later, but I hear music and I write poetry that I intend to be put to music. I also write musicals. Songwriter just comes from that.

- playwright: Thru the Cracks, The Runaway, Ain't Good Enough, Seeing Jesus Thru the Children's Eyes, Sister Acts

- director/designer: Disney's The Little Mermaid- w/o roller skates!

- screenwriter: "Garden of Beasts"

- business owner: Around the World Photography and D+R+A+M+A. Think Glamour Shots with class, style, and done better with the end result being a personalized photobook, not a photo album. Also, D+R+A+M+A as a financially independent professional Christian theatre company. God has big plans for this, and as you can read, my acting, writing, and so on is part of where I see God taking this company. But, in reality, I think God has plans for this ministry far beyond me. I see my staying with D+R+A+M+A up to a point and then, like a parent, letting it go and just take off.

- Actor: Movies, TV, stage. I am not picky.  MBS Productions and D+R+A+M+A are where I plan to start. (I'm working on getting an agent now.) My first professional audition, by the way, resulted in positive reviews. They wanted to sign me. They gave me some good advice, too, on what to do in future auditions, how to get better, and to work on my singing. I need that ego boost. It wasn't the best they saw that day, but it was by far not the worst.

- You'll note singer is not on this list, but I'd like to be able to carry a decent tune when needed. I've started voice lessons and I plan to work at it so that one day I can be a regular soloist in church. I'd like to bless people thru music.

- Dancer: I take belly, exotic/pole, lyrical, and hip hop from Crescent Moon and Bruce Lea Dance Factory. I just want to perform what I've learned! And, let's not lie, I want some attention when I go to the clubs...

- Ice Skater: So, of course I now day dream of being the oldest national champion in history, but realistically, is it too much to wish for the occasional recital? I'm taking lessons at Parks Mall this summer.

-Cook: As soon as I have a kitchen of my own, I've already met and agreed to take lessons with a personal chef. I want to cook for family and friends.

- Musician: I want to learn to play the drums, piano, harp, and violin. For fun, so I can learn music, and because how many people do you know who can play the harp?!

- Homeowner: I want to own my own home. With my current financial situation, if I can KEEP IT TOGETHER, I will buy my childhood home later this summer. (Accepting donations now.) I don't simply want to own my own  home so I can knock out walls or paint the ceiling fuchsia if I so desire. No! I want to own my own home so it can be the Rose Lea Missionary House. I want it open to anyone in need. Missionaries who are home for medical work or just on holiday and need a place to stay; parents who have sick kids in the hospital and need a place to shower and gather themselves together- like the Ronald McDonald house; a place for my church to hold DNOW or other conferences where groups gather in homes; and so on. I think I'd also like to be an emergency placement foster parent. I'm debating about this as being a foster parent is a whole lot like being a parent, and that's not on this list either! But I just want to help. I want to use my home to help people. My childhood home is my starter home. I dream of a huge farm house like thing on about 10 acres just outside of Fort Worth that sports a therapeutic horse ministry and a ginourmous swimming pool. I'll be Miss Laura the swim teacher until the day I die.

- I want to bless 89.7 Power FM financially. I want to make enough money that I can be a 5x Power Corps member- or more! They are such a blessing to me and to so many other ministries that I just want to do my part. Everytime I think about winning the lottery, the first people I always want to write the check to is Power FM (sorry Mom and Dad, but it's true!)

So, that's my dream(s). As you can see, it involves some industries that are not known for their stability. These jobs do not guarantee that I will have a good retirement plan or health insurance through my employer. But, it's my dream! I'm working hard. I'm taking any and all classes I can get my hands on to better myself and work hard to make these things come true. I'll need support from my friends and family as being my own boss and putting myself out there so much is going to result in rejection and attack from the Enemy. But I know this much: God made me with these dreams and these talents- granted, some are stronger than others and some need a LOT of work- and God made a very special plan for my life. It is a GOOD plan.

I am out to make my life count, in this world and in the one to come by doing all things for the glory of Jesus!

Satan has me targeted. Satan doesn't want me to do ANY of this, and he especially doesn't want God to get the glory. Satan would almost prefer I win an academy award and become an A-List celebrity before I went out and wrote plays and books and took mission trips that point people to Jesus. And Satan will pull out all the stops to prevent me from reaching GOD'S dream for me. He will try to change my dreams from honoring God to a hunger for fame and glory and youthful beauty. He wants to take my desire to be healthy and trim and turn it into an eating disorder. He wants me to take my dream of home ownership and turn it into a castle where I am the master and can do whatever I want and lock myself away to be apart from the stupid people of the world!

BUT NO. I claim, by the blood of Jesus and the power of the resurrection, that these dreams, God's PLAN for my life, are in God's hands and that Satan cannot touch them, taint them, or twist them. It is all, and only, for the glory of Jesus Christ! HIS WILL BE DONE.

I ask that those who read this will pray for me. I'm putting myself back on the front lines, I am out to bring God glory through all these things, and Satan is pissed. Well, that looser can be pissed because, ladies and gentleman, I have a dreams...and by the grace of God, they WILL come true.

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