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       Laura L. Watson is an author, playwright, poet, journalist, historian, blogger, critic, chronic list maker, etc. 

      In short, I am a storyteller.

Sammy the Saving Seal -children's book series about water safety tied to a life lesson

RoseSoul: A Book of Poetry, Essays, Quotes, and Illustrations

Christian Theatre Sucks: Why it Does, Why it Shouldn't, and How to Fix It

True Love Waits: It's NOT a High School Thing -sexual purity for adults

Leap of Faith -a Sci-Fi/Action Love Story

Lover of My Soul -a love story

Grand Adventures Await on the Other Side of the Alarm Clock- children's bedtime book

Daddies- children's book

Merry Christmas Super-Mart
The Runaway
The Gift

Fort Worth Star-Telegram- Class Acts, Life and Arts, Religion, Opinion
North Texas Daily- Staff Writer
Y & G - Staff Writer
Raider Sabre  - Staff Writer and Features

John Garcia's The Column

Critiques by Laura- I'm a Critic, as in, I give a critique of my artistic experiences.  www.LauraLWatson.blogspot.com (reprinted on PegasusNews.com)

University of North Texas Department of History
World War II lead to Europe's athiestic state.
Hollywood and History: How Film Records, Rewrites, and Erases History

Wedgwood Baptist Church
R.E.A.P. Mission Trip March 2006

My Life Vision Statement:

My Quote Collection:

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Laura L. Watson
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