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Laura's Program/PR Bio
Laura L. Watson grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and graduated from the University of North Texas with 3 B.A.s -Theatre Arts, Journalism, and History. She went on to study acting at Circle in the Square Theatre School on Broadway. Some of her favorite stage roles include Lampito in Lysistrata (Fight Boy Theatre), Archbishop of Canterbury and Duke of Orleans in Henry V (Stolen Shakespeare Guild), as Honey in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Lakeside Theater), and Julia Child in Recipe for Espionage (Rover Dramawerks). She was the reoccurring character Officer Hughes on Fox’s The Good Guys, and has had several lead and supporting roles in independent feature films. Outside of her life as an artist, she is a published author, professional mermaid with The MerFriends, swim instructor, and world traveling missionary."For the glory of God."
Hi! My name is Laura L. Watson, and I want to welcome YOU to my webpage. 

I am a professional, full time artist of many media based in North Central Texas, but have started to branch into other markets. Though I never sit still for very long, I always find my way home to Texas.

As an actor, I honestly have not found a role, a type, a theatre, or a media I don't like. I am particularly drawn to playing against my looks (playing the villain instead of the damsel in distress for example), and I ADORE opportunities to play multiple characters in the same production. I have recently explored my vocal range and have discovered a total of 20 distinct voices (not counting accents) that I am continuing to develop. I say with great pride and joy that I am a character actor.

In addition to acting, I am a professional swimming mermaid, swim instructor, volunteer for the Christian ROCK station, and I do entertainment at children's birthday parties (usually as a princess. Oh the glitter...)

Prior to turning to acting in March 2009, I was a Christian missionary and lived in 7 countries. You never really retire from missions, but I no longer pursue it as my full time career. While I was a missionary, I was working as a theatre writer/director, teacher, medical assistant... the list goes on.

I hold degrees in History, Journalism and Theatre from the University of North Texas and also studied at Circle in the Square in New York (the only accredited program in a Broadway theatre.) I speak 5 languages, and I've held every job under the sun NOT in food service. But I'm a great tipper because I'm feeding into my karma bank. We all know that at some point, I will probably wait tables.

I am always looking for work- in any of the fields I listed above, and like to think myself as a great resource for finding that which YOU need. I have a lot of contacts- both in the arts and entertainment industry and in other places- and have helped from casting to props to research. Not because I have or know everything but because of the various hats I wear, I have quite an eclectic network on which to pull from. "You have not because you ask not." There is no question I am afraid to ask, and I have lived an amazing adventure so far because of this principal.  

A Soap Box:
Can I just point out the extra L. in my name? It's not there for decoration or because today is sponsored by the letter L- it's my name. Do NOT ever credit me as Laura Watson. I will yell at you.

Yes, I'm a Christian. Yes, I'm from Texas. Yes, I have blonde hair. Make no assumptions.

Finally, I am a chameleon. I have more than one look. I am more than one type. I have more than one voice. I have a variety of walks and postures. Type cast me all you want, I enjoy working. But, if you're really brave, you'll give me a chance to show you EVERYTHING I've got, plus some new stuff I just want to try out. I like to call it... acting. And sometimes I call it writing... and directing... and dancing... It's what being an artist/creator/dreamer is all about. Give me a chance!
Laura's Self Introduction
What People are Saying About Laura L. Watson
Laura L. Watson is literally one of the smartest actresses or actors I have ever known. She has an amazing gift of being able to analyze and understand any material given to her and break it down to its very raw and very real form. She is able to draw from a wealth of knowledge few actors have but all should strive for.- Carlos Iruegas, Producer of Community Theater: The Epic Web Series.

Honey shakes her head and giggles to the point that everyone in the audience and on stage is probably wondering why Nick married such a neurotic mess of a young woman. Watson avoids the mistake of making Honey just a ditzy blonde. Honey has her own way of coping with the disappointment in her life and being ditzy is one of them. There's an edge of pain in her giggling that almost makes it sound like a cry for help.- Star Local News for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at Lakeside Theater. (Honey)

Her performance has a quiet power that demands contemplation.- John Garcia's The Column for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at Lakeside Theater. (Honey)

Laura L. Watson stole that show like a kleptomaniac on crack- but in a good way!- Mark-Brian Sonna reviewing About Noah as part of the 7 Plays in 7 Days Festival. 

I found her portrayal of Dunn compelling and layered. She must have been an interesting person and complicated. I think Watson handled  her in such a strong way, especially when things got crazy with the priests dying and things falling apart. THAT was great stuff!!! It's an amazing play and she is doing a fantastic job with it. Watson should be really proud of bringing that lady to life on the stage. I really hope everyone will venture forth to see it. - Billy Fountain reviewing The Fifth Sun at Artes de la Rosa. (Sister Anne Dunn)

Laura L. Watson plays the Maiden's mother and a nurse among other characters. As the mother she reminded me a bit of Pat Nixon who embodied the 1950s image of brittle femininity. Her best moment comes as the nurse when she talks about “zero visitors.” - Star Local News for Maiden of the Used Books at Teatro Dallas. (Mother, Hooker, Nurse)

Laura L. Watson plays the mother, and later a hooker and then a nurse. I have seen Ms. Watson in other productions. This is her best performance. She transforms into each character believably... This is about as perfect a piece of theatre as you can seeif you like Absurdist theatre.- John Garcia's The Column for Maiden of the Used Books at Teatro Dallas. (Mother, Hooker, Nurse)

For her part in the show, (Laura) was believable, consistent, professional and a pleasure to have in the cast. Even though she obviously possesses acting skills well beyond the demand of the role for which she was cast, she was gracious, helpful and a true friend of the theater. -Jim Lash, Fellow Actor, The Forgotten Carols at Artisan Center Theatre. (Homeless Woman, chorus)

​You'll remember Laura because let's face it: How many people do you know who speak 5 languages, have a mermaid tail, perform in the circus, and can do their own taxes- as well as act?!- Adam Adolfo, Artistic Director of Artes de la Rosa.
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